Welcome to Whole Life Health

This Integrative Health Curriculum is designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to apply the principles of Holistic medicine to those you treat no matter their stage of life or medical needs.

The curriculum is split by the stages of life that it addresses, from pre-conception health optimization to palliative, end of life care. Each Stage represents three 1 hour long classes taught personally by Dr. Keesha Ewers, founder of the Academy for Integrative Medicine.

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Module I – Conscious Conception

Consciously creating life is three classes covering how to prepare your clients for conception, pregnancy and birth to create healthy children and adults that are ready for the challenges of parenthood whether it’s their first child, or their sixth! You’ll address more than just how to prepare them for the best medical outcomes for the baby, but also how to create a healthy, nurturing environment that will turn pregnancy and parenthood into a positive experience for the whole family.

Module II – Prenatal and Birth 

These classes cover the early stages of life from birth through infancy. You’ll learn strategies and systems you can use to re-balance your client’s lives and help them to provide the best possible home and family environment for their new child. This is when the foundations of a person’s life are laid and the person that they will be throughout the rest of their lives is formed. 

Module III – Healthy Children, Healthy Families

In these classes we’ll cover childhood up to adolescence. In these classes you’ll learn about the most common pediatric health concerns and natural interventions for each. We’ll also explore social, mental and physical developmental milestones and including helping parents deal with things like “the sex talk”.

Module IV – Teens and Early Adulthood

Through these classes you’ll learn how to help parents guide their children through the challenges of growth and adolescence as well as how to work with young adult clients entering their twenties and confronting the challenges and temptations of adult life including healthy sexual development, interactions with drugs and the on-going changes in their brain and body. 


Module V – Adulthood and Midlife

These three classes will cover the middle stages of life from the 20s to 50s. How to develop healthy relationships as an adult, maintain the fitness and vitality of youth as your clients enter their thirties and forties and how to build health frameworks that will support them and protect their health as they age and move through the cycle of life. You’ll learn how energy flows and hormones change in the body throughout life as well as how to help them cope with the personal and emotional challenges of these stages of life including loss of parents, changes in libido, career progression and even empty nesting.

Module VI – Mature Adulthood to Conscious Transitioning

These three modules cover clients in their 50s and up. How to maintain energy and health as the body ages through an understanding of how nutritional, psychological and emotional needs develop during the later stages of life. We’ll also cover end of life care, and how a health coach brings compassion, wisdom and hope to a client dealing with a terminal illness.