Module IV: Teens and Early Adulthood 

Module IV, Teens and Early Adulthood, consists of three classes. Through these classes you’ll learn how to help parents guide their children through the challenges of growth and adolescence.

You’ll also learn how to work with young adult clients entering their twenties and confronting the challenges
and temptations of adult life including healthy sexual development, interactions with drugs and the on-going
changes in their brain and body.

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Class I – An Ayurvedic lens on the transition from kapha stage of life to pitta stage of life.


Class II – Using the Enneagram to ease the pain of establishing autonomy in the teen years and early adulthood.

Class III – Autoimmune disease- using the Freedom Framework for the assessment, intervention, and prevention of autoimmunity. It takes 10-30 years to develop a full-blown autoimmune disease. Now is the time to educate your clients.

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